Monday, July 11, 2011


First I would like to wish my mom a happy 60th birthday. And now for the not so good news Jordan spent Saturday in the ER with gallstones. He is still in a little bit of pain but doing better. Well that's all for now I will keep you updated.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan's birthday was yesterday, and it was really fun. We spent the day with just the two of us and tonight we wrapped up Jordan's Birthday week with another party. Yes you read correctly, birthday week. We decided our first year of marriage that we should celebrate a whole week for our birthdays, just because we could. This year Jourdan's was almost like two weeks but the first party was actually for our nephew Corbin's first birthday and my Dad's 55th. Their birthdays are really a day a part but since we had so many members of my family together we celebrated both. Then he had another combined birthday party (this time for Jordan) last Friday when we celebrated Grandma Miles and Jordan's birthday (her's was on Friday). We had a big party with G&G Miles, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I love getting together with family and it was fun that we got together with both sides of our families in such a short amount of time and it wasn't even Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Dad and niece Emmie

Amazing Birthday Cakes My Sister Gretta Made

Then every day we did something special for Jordan's birthday week. On Saturday we went to our ward temple day for our first counselor of our bishopric (he has stage 4 melanoma). It was amazing and we had so many ward members there that some people couldn't be at the session and had to do sealings instead. Then Jordan had a boys day out with his cousin Catherine's husband Navarre while Catherine and I spent some time with Jordan's aunt Brenda and his other cousin Marie and we had girl time. Jordan really had fun I think he watched 2 football games or maybe it was 3 who knows. Then we went to the movies for a double date, it was great spending so much time with them they are a really cool couple.

Then on Sunday after church we drove the Alpine Loop. It was amazing with all of the wonderful fall colors. We recommend it next fall for anyone who happens to be in Utah county next fall.

Then every day after work we bought a small gift for Jordan (and one really expensive bride's maid dress of me because my best friend Megan is getting married in Arizona in Dec. And yes, for anyone who has seen my bride's maid dresses in the past, it is GREEN.)

Then on Jordan's birthday we went out to eat at a stake place that I picked out and I wouldn't tell him where we were going and I drove so that he wouldn't guess. He had written down his guess on a piece of paper before we got there and he was actually really close (he can almost read me like a book, I just have to get more creative).

Then tonight we had dinner at our house with Jordan's cousins Kohleen, Kurt and his wife Candy, Catherine and her husband Navarre. It was so much fun. I love spending time with family and just hanging out.

(I didn't take pictures of any Jordan's Birthday week, yes I know I'm lame but at least I'm finally updating my blog, right?)

And here is a family picture we took during conference weekend. Jordan has sadly had to shave off is beard because he has been excepted back into BYU and will be attending classes in January. I am actually surprised by how many men in our ward got upset that Jordan shaved. They all had beard envy and they almost seem to miss it more then we do (and we miss it a lot!!!!!)

The Two of Us and Our Cute Puppies Echo and Brindle

Jordan and Brindle being cute

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We finally finished our apartment.

We have spent the last week (both of us having a stomach bug, grrr...) finishing up all those annoying little details that after a year of construction we were just to lazy to finish. We put molding up around all the doors, we put crown molding above the cupboard, we painted the living room ceiling (yes we got too lazy for that), we put light trim up around the lights in the living room and outlet covers up on the outlets in the ceiling and a bunch of other finish details that we decided to live with out for a while.

That means that until we have enough money to change out the carpets we are finished!!!!

Office after (sorry no before)

Bathroom Before


Bedroom Before we were finished but after we enlarged the closet and added that amazing shelving unit.


Living Room Before (Me and my sister-in-law Gabbi watching a DVD on her laptop)


Kitchen Before


We worked really hard for a year and a half on our little apartment and we love it so much and we have finally finished every little thing, So if your from my side of the family you know what that means....... Yes, we moved!!!!!

We had some tenants skip out on their rent in January and then they moved out leaving us high and dry. They had a three bedroom apartment and it wasn't in the best shape. We had it listed for a little over three weeks with no success (most people looking for three bedrooms apparently want a house not an apartment to rent, who knew). So after a great deal of debating we decided to move from our amazing but tiny apartment upstairs to are disgusting but huge apartment. Seriously every thing we own fits in the master bedroom and the living room, all of it I swear. And after posting our first home for only two days it has been rented to a cute couple that we think we will get along well with.

So the nightmare begins again, but this time we aren't going to rewire the whole place all at once, so we will be able to tackle one room at a time. We will post pictures once everything is cleaned up and organized. Then you can look forward to posts about our NEW remodel.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January is wrapping up

Here is Jordan hanging out with the dogs on the couch. As you can see there isn't much room on our new couch we got when our cousins moved out of one of our apartments. I think its so cute when they cuddle up like that. Jordan's pretty cute too, if you ask me.

This is my pumpkin its still alive and hard and has no mold, it makes me so happy. I grew it this summer when it started sprouting from the remains of a pumpkin one of our tenets left out to rot from Halloween 08'. I love that it has lasted this long.

Friday night we went to Border books to watch our cousin Kurt play a gig. He is a jazz pianist. Here he is.

And here is the band he was playing with that night.

And here is some pictures from the crazy storm that was going on while he was playing. It was so beautiful out side and it was like this for a whole day after.

Well that's it for this month except for one thing.

Brindle, one of our dogs, got hurt and we had to take her to the vets and had her wound stapled up. It was pretty bad and now she is on antibiotics. Here are some pictures for those who are interested, if not don't look.

Do Not look at this if you don't like gross things!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been Warned!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Sorry for my poor blogging habits
I know I haven't updated for a while. I feel like everyone knows what is happening in our live so I don't need to update, but that's not true.

I will try to update more frequently but I can't promise anything. Here is a long update if you care to read it.

Jordan is still working at Lowe's Home Improvement, he is still taking a brake from school until we can afford to send him back to BYU.

I am currently unemployed and have been looking for consistent work for over a year now. I did work for a construction company for about two months but their work load dried up very quickly and I haven't worked since Thanksgiving.

I spend most of my days filling out job application after job application, I haven't gotten a single interview. It is getting more than a little depressing. On Jordan's days off we seem to be spending a lot of time doing apartment maintenance on our apartments and on Jordan's brother Pedro's apartments that we also manage.

We finished remodeling one of our apartments: we put in a wall that was taken out because the former owners had very bad ideas and now we have to fix them. We also put in a new floor and replaced the ceiling in the same apartment. We also did some other repairs to this apartment. We didn't take any pictures but it turned out really well. We were able to get it done for only the price of the drywall. We used everything we had left from our remodel and things that came with the complex when we bought it. It took us a month but we got it done before the new tenants got married and moved in.

Jordan had to work on Christmas Eve so I spent the day with my family and when Jordan got off we went to the Miles Christmas party. I forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures. On Christmas day we went to my families for the first time since we were married we spent a Christmas with my family. It was so much fun. This Christmas we had more of my siblings together then we have had in a long time.
Opening Presents:

My niece Alena's presents (only child, and only grandchild on her mom's side)

Waiting for the stragglers to wake up so we can open presents.

My brother Heinrich

Jordan having fun with the dogs, this is Echo.

My Parents gave a bunch of these hats out for Christmas (I have know Idea) Isn't Jordan's beard amazing! It took a while to grow this but I love it.

Our Christmas decorations, we have presents for the dogs under the tree. Jordan couldn't resist.

The pig lasted a whole day, and the yellow ring lasted three. But the third toy is still holding on for dear life.

We started a tradition when we got married that we would buy a Christmas ornament for each year. This is the one we got this year because we got our puppies this year.

There were a lot of other family parties but I didn't bring my camera to anything else so if you are interested you can check out my sister in-law Kim's blog or my sister Anna's.

Last week we spent Jordan's day off on Pedro's roof repairing some shingles that ripped off. About a third of the shingles had pulled free and slid down the roof. Roofing in the winter isn't very much fun. You have to wait for the sun to be up long enough to defrost the shingles so you don't slip and you have to work fast before the sun goes down. So we worked from 11am to 5pm and just finished before it was too dark to see. Then we drove to Lindon for the Miles family January birthday party. There are four birthday's in the Miles family in January including Grandpa Miles' birthday. We were an hour late but we made it. It was a lot of fun.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

So Jordan's birthday was on Wednesday but we haven't had time to celebrate. We were able to go out to eat at Olive Garden, then we made a quick trip to the grocery store just in time to go to sleep an hour later then I really needed to (I get up really early for my new job as a "handyman"). We were going to celebrate tomorrow but I got a phone call tonight that my sister got special permission to bless her new baby tomorrow and Jordan has to work so I don't think it is going to happen. So I would like to say I love you Honey and Happy Birthday!!!!!